Monday, February 24, 2014

Improv Sessions

A good laugh during a recent improv.
The solitude of the Maine woods is such a perfect place to explore all sorts of strange and wonderful impulses!  Some of us veteran stage performers from around New England have been meeting at Eureka every now and then just to clear the cobwebs from our synapses.  We employ theater games and improv work.  Improv is a wonderful way to reconnect, dissolve blocks, discover new characters, invent graphics, inspire new material, and discover what works.  It's very good for the heart and is a sure way to get to know one another (and ourselves) with amazing speed and depth.  Each session is unique depending on the makeup of the group.  We try to get between six and eight players each session bringing in at least one or two new faces from out of state.  We experiment with many different improv exercises from various teachers.  It's not only laughs that we are after, but a full range of expression.  It's a real work out!  But quite a lot of fun!  I'm hoping that improvisation will be somewhat of a cornerstone of the work going on here at Eureka.

Photo:  Randy Judkins (left) sharing a moment with Jack Golden (right) during a recent Sunday Improv.

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