Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Magic

Quiet, beautiful, and cozy are words that come to mind at this time of year here in the foothills of western Maine. The smell of the wood stove burning... the sound of wet snow falling off the roof... enjoying a warm cup of tea... all perfect for writing a script, creating a new juggling act, practicing yoga, or just getting away from the stresses of life.

After celebrating Christmas with family in Prague and New Years in Tahiti on a cruise contract, Andrea and I are looking forward to spending some quiet time at home at Eureka over the next couple of months.  Fortunately, it has been a mild winter compared to the really severe weather we had last year.

Soon, the middle of March will bring warmer temperatures and the magical spring ski season. We are planning to do some nice skiing and snowboarding with friends, family, and guests at nearby resorts! And it's not too long before the birds return and start singing in the treetops in the early mornings. 

A lot of magic! smile emoticon

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